SCALE Community Aims To Build The First Modern Healthcare Network For Industry Professionals

SCALE Community revolutionizing the healthcare industry with a modern network designed to tackle challenges faced by healthcare management teams.

SCALE Community Is Accessible to Physician Leaders, MSO Management, Health-System Management, Payor Management, Academics, and Institutional Investors

New York, New York – April 5, 2023 – SCALE Healthcare, a healthcare solutions organization that helps healthcare management teams solve multidisciplinary challenges, launches SCALE Community to build the first modern healthcare network for industry professionals. Today’s healthcare services industry requires diverse leadership and stakeholders that can share ideas and solutions that strengthen a more coordinated/community approach to healthcare, which is at the heart of what SCALE Community aims to achieve. As the ultimate destination for healthcare services, SCALE Community is committed to building the strongest and best-informed community of operators across the healthcare landscape through their continued investment in the community. Management Service Organization (MSO) executives and physicians, health system leaders, the private equity investment community, and payor management teams can all become SCALE Community Members through their membership program that allows for preferential access to other SCALE Community events and offerings, and a number of benefits including: 

  • Pursuit of ongoing innovation, improvement and holistic performance excellence
  • Benefit from tangible value creation opportunities to better compete in the evolving healthcare landscape
  • Reward and empower your management leadership team with a uniquely relevant training & education solution
  • Gain from a unique range of strategic economies of scale – from cost savings, to corporate networking to long-term market advocacy

“We are the first healthcare association born from a focus on building the country’s leading healthcare services consulting organization,” said Roy Bejarano, co-founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare. “The benefits of working with hundreds of healthcare organizations on an annual basis and their respective management teams and physician leaders, has given us unique insight into the heightened levels of coordination across industry stakeholders that historically were treated as separate, independent factions. It’s time to bring these historical groups, health systems, payors, physicians, investors, and MSO management teams together in a world class forum for learning and idea sharing. We are excited for the value that will be created for the industry through the Scale Community.”

The market is pushing the industry to move past foundational playbooks to pursue more holistic best practice management solutions. SCALE Community aims to serve in a trusted role to help build & manage the evolving healthcare services playbook in collaboration with and for the benefit of broader market stakeholders.

About SCALE Community 

As part of our commitment to engage the marketplace with best-in-class talent and product solutions, we are committed to building the strongest and best-informed community of operators across the healthcare landscape through our continued investment in the SCALE Community, which includes; unmatched expertise, pioneering thought leadership, a dedicated focus on healthcare services, and being the ultimate one-stop shop for healthcare services. 

SCALE Community aims to serve in a trusted role to help build and manage the evolving healthcare services playbook in collaboration with, and for the benefit, of broader market stakeholders. SCALE Community coalesces the many resources, relationships, market insights, and practical lessons learned to facilitate a dynamic, value add community experience. 


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