CEO Roundtable Series – Dallas
Date: Wednesday, June 26th, 2024
Time: 8:00AM-10:00AM
Location: JP Morgan Chase Office – 1900 N Akard St, Dallas, TX 75201

This event is part of SCALE Community’s recurring local market CEO Roundtable series. We look forward to seeing and engaging with you at this and future Dallas MSO Market Executive Board meeting events.
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The Latest from SCALE Community

The Latest from SCALE Community

Dissecting A Case Study in Innovation in Provider-Based Healthcare


Key Takeaways from Miami SCALE Community CEO Roundtable

SCALE Big Idea

Physician Adoption of New Technologies: A Pathway to Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

Hospital of Tomorrow

2023 SCALE Annual Magazine

SCALE's Monthly “Big Idea” in Healthcare


Key Takeaways From Miami SCALE Community CEO Roundtable

Our Miami CEO Roundtable event focused on the competitive differentiation surrounding MSOs in the South Florida region.

Physician Adoption of New Technologies

A Pathway to Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

This month’s SCALE Big Idea examines the dynamics of physician adoption of new medical technologies.

The MSO of Tomorrow

Remaining Competitive Within the Evolving MSO Landscape

Uncover the latest and most exciting concept revolutionizing everything related to MSO's

Global Healthcare

Rise of Global Healthcare

The global healthcare services landscape is undergoing a significant hystoric transformation driven by five key trends

Trending Up

Tracking Emerging Specialty Market Momentum

Explore the cutting-edge advancements shaping the healthcare industry

Our Member Offering

SCALE Community fully recognizes that today’s increasingly coordinated healthcare services industry requires an equally diverse representative of leaders/stakeholders. SCALE Community aims to become the country’s first modern healthcare network for physician leaders, MSO management, health-system management, payor management, academics, plus institutional investors.


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Global Executive Dashboard

Percent Of U.S. Physician Practices Owned By Corporate Entities In 2019-2023

National Trends: Percent of Corporate-Owned Physician Practices Doubled in Five Years

Source: Physicians Advocacy Institute, 2022

Percent Of U.S. Physician Employed By Corporate Entities In 2019-2020

National Trends: Consistent Increase in Corporate Physician Employment since 2019

Source: Physicians Advocacy Institute, 2022

US Health Expenditures As Percent Of GDP, 1960–2022*

US Health Expenditures As Percent Of GDP Has Remained Steady For The Last Decade*

*Excluding COVID 2020

Source: National Health Expenditure Data, CMS

How does five-year breast cancer survival in the US compare to other countries?

Breast Cancer Survival Rates in the United States are the highest compared to the rest of the world.

Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Health Care Quality Indicators, Cancer Care

Uninsured Rate

Percent of Uninsured individuals has decreased over the last 5 years

Source: National Center for Health Statistics National Health Interview Survey.

Healthcare Spending

Average Medicare Advantage premiums fell by approximately 40 percent between 2010 and 2020

Source: CMS Plan and Premium Information for Medicare Plans Offering Part D Coverage, 2010–2020.

Acute myocardial infarction mortality rates per 100 000 among adults <65 years of age.

Myocardial Infraction Mortality Rates Have decreased dramatically over the last 10 years


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