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SCALE Thought Leaders

Roy Bejarano

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Schifman

Co-Founder & President

Kathleen Kinslow

SCALE Executive Partner, Health System Strategy & Performance Optimization

Margaret Braxton

Managing Director, Payer Strategy & Market Research

Carl Friedrich, MBA

Managing Director at SCALE Consulting

Bobby Trenczer

President, SCALE RCM

Anita Singh

COO of Full Service Scale RCM

David Reese, MS

Infusion & Pharma Services

Steve Straus

Head of Private Equity and Lender Coverage

Lisa Melamed

President, SCALE Compliance & Risk Management

Douglas Driver

Managing Director at SCALE Finance

Vineesh Manchanda, MBA

Head of SCALE Talent

Contributing Leaders

Mike Reed

Executive Partner, value based Care Operations

David Drzewiecki

CEO of Absolute Dental

Peter McCann

CEO of Growth Orthopedics

Andrew Mintz

CEO Pinnacle Fertility

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