Post-Close Integration


Post-Close Integration - Overview

Our Client completed a sizable acquisition expanding their footprint in additional states. The Company had not completed a transaction of this size previously and was seeking support to develop a holistic integration strategy across core functional areas. Further, the Company was experiencing specific pain points in its current IT and RCM departments and was seeking guidance on how to address these pain points and how to develop the right integration strategy in the context of these pain points.

Specifically, the acquiring Company’s EMR architecture was structured as individual on-premise instances for each clinic location. Integrating the target into this environment would present performance challenges and yet changing the acquiring company’s EMR infrastructure was both complex and delicate.

Client Profile

Services Deployed

Revenue Cycle Management

IT Systems Strategy & Implementation

MSO Operation

Human Resources



Execution Timeline

Phase 1
-1 month

Phase 2
-4 months



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