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What drives success in healthcare is amidst another transformational shift

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Current & Future

The market is pushing stakeholders to move past base foundational integration & stabilization playbooks to pursue more holistic performance excellence value creation opportunities

The Big Idea: Key Questions the Market is Looking to Understand


  1. What’s working vs. not?
  2. What is truly saving or costing the system more vs. represents up-front cost & investment for reliable aggregate savings? 

Patient Care

  1. What does the full scope of patient service entail? From traditional in-office services to more sophisticated on-going preventative care, care management, patient engagement & care coordination.  
  2. Who should implement this full scope of patient service?  How does it get effectively implemented and managed?

Corporate Strategy

  1. What does it mean to cultivate and differentiate a best-in-class healthcare services brand? 
  2. What role do strategic partnerships play in healthcare?
  3. What is the true strategic and operational value of data analytics and process automation in healthcare?

Enterprise Scalability

  1. What strategies work best for provider recruitment, retention, engagement, compensation and professional development?
  2. How do you train, develop & retain large supporting teams relied upon for critical services & technical expertise?
  3. What structures and functional services scale best as platforms evolve into regional and national organizations? 

SCALE Community aims to serve in a trusted role to help build & manage the evolving healthcare services playbook in collaboration with and for the benefit of broader market stakeholders

Join SCALE Community to gain

SCALE Community coalesces the many resources, relationships, market insights, and practical lessons learned to facilitate a dynamic, value add community experience 


Efficient access to practical, precisely relevant intelligence – market insights, lessons learned, data, training & education programs, supporting execution resources & tools.

Expansive, Yet Precise Vantage 

Insight into the full ecosystem of strategic & operational drivers that contribute to holistic performance excellence both within your platform, as well as across the broader regional and national healthcare landscape.


A community of and for healthcare leaders with opportunities for contribution, networking and peer exchange.

Strategic Economies of Scale

A low barrier opportunity to access the benefits of coordination and scale in creative ways - from cost savings to market advocacy.

What Does a SCALE Community Membership Mean for You?

Corporate Membership

Healthcare Services Organizations

Individual Membership

  • Healthcare Executives
  • Physicians


  • Associate yourself or your organization’s brand with the pursuit of on-going innovation, improvement and holistic performance excellence.
  • ain efficient access to valuable lessons learned across a leading national healthcare consulting & services firm, market data, and other peer organizations and leading national stakeholders.
  • Benefit from tangible value creation opportunities and supporting resources designed to help organizations of increasing scale & sophistication better compete in the evolving healthcare landscape.
  • Reward and empower your management leadership team with a uniquely relevant training & education solution.
  • Gain preferential access to other SCALE Community events and offerings.
  • Gain from a unique range of strategic economies of scale – from cost savings, to corporate networking to long-term market advocacy

SCALE Community Corporate Membership offers an interactive experience tailored to address the diverse & complex needs of increasingly sophisticated healthcare corporate
market constituents

Membership Benefits / Opportunities

Membership Offering Details


  • On behalf of your patients, team and strategic partners, associate your organization and brand with the pursuit of on-going innovation, improvement and holistic performance excellence. 


  • Harness the power of an organized corporate community.
    • Shape, contribute to and benefit from industry advocacy initiatives
    • Join with other corporate peers to identify and seek to address evolving market needs & threats
  • Influence SCALE’s product development roadmap to align SCALE’s development investment with practical corporate opportunities, needs & pain points.


  • Efficient access to valuable lessons learned and evolving national best-practice playbook.
    • Monthly publications, Market research & surveys
    • Live webinars, In-person conferences  

Training, Education and Engagement 

  • Reward and empower your team, as well as help facilitate retention & professional development with engaging training & education designed for: 
    • Management & Provider Leadership
    • Broader Clinical & Non-Clinical Teams
  • On-going opportunities for peer networking.

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