Key Takeaways from Miami SCALE Community CEO Roundtable

Key Takeaways from the Miami SCALE Community CEO Roundtable

What does competitive differentiation mean in today’s MSO Market?

Our Miami CEO Roundtable event focused on the competitive differentiation surrounding MSOs in the South Florida region. During our discussion, the following themes emerged as key themes:

Takeaway Themes:

Incremental wins vs. Game Changer wins

Incremental wins:

  • Continue growing a single specialty MSO via traditional means

Game Changer wins:

  • Lower cost of patient acquisition vs. competitors and acquisition targets allowed an ophthalmology platform to outcompete competitors and outbid alternative buyers when during the acquisition process.
  • Utilization management concept that enables a traditional orthopedics / vascular group to present a lower cost of care model
  • Value-based care bundled pricing model in the vascular space

Partnerships relative to your market

Take a liberal / fluid view of defining partnerships will add value each day

Partnership opportunities:

  • Ways for utilization management to support other leaders
  • Assisting with living relationships to bring to new markets across the U.S.
  • Bringing value to other leader’s strategies

Representative CEO Insights into Competitive Differentiation

Orthopedics CEO:

Running a physician-owned practice has its challenges. However, it has its benefits and allows us to be able to operate as we see what is in the best interests of our partners and providers. We have gained organic market traction with the ability to demonstrate sustainability over many years.

Population Health CEO:

Being able to provide viable crowd solutions to make our patient lives measurably better while decreasing out of pocket expenses is the future of healthcare and what we are focusing on each and every day.

Ophthalmology CEO:

Our biggest growth factor can be attributed to our ability to acquire patients at a lower cost than our competitors. Having the capability to do this has caused the market around us to collaborate with us rather than compete.

Vascular CEO:

Being able to provide ancillary services and the concierge approach to patient care has been a game changer for our organization. We have been able to carve out strategic partnerships across South Florida with the patient first mentality and has helped our footprint tremendously.

Physical Therapy CEO:

Taking the burden of the back-office functions while allowing our local offices to maintain their local identity to continue provides our clinical partners to excel in their patient approach.

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