SCALE Whitepaper

MSO Operations Predictions for 2021

An excerpt of the full report is included below. Download the PDF for our full Predictions for 2022.

SCALE Physician Platform Development

Improving Physician Practice Operations – Key Focus Areas

  • Continued desire to consolidate physician practices, whether driven independently by physicians or PE-based, creating a need for increased project management and deep domain expertise of  nuanced processes
  • Many growing platforms seeking guidance and clarity regarding how to best structure and scale MSOs, align key stakeholders (e.g., MD retention) and deal with other issues such as cross-state platforms and implications of TIN integration. Platforms are working through the many layers of what integration can, should and should not mean across cultural and core functional domains
  • Practices failing to keep pace with market changes are facing steep indirect costs via missed value opportunities and gradually being outcompeted – need for strong, coordinated management leadership across key functions as well as sufficient investment in foundational reporting & analytics, technology solutions and branding & marketing
  • Continued growth in practices seeking to expand their ancillary and care coordination services and looking for ways capture revenue from multiple downstream services, not
    just E&M and procedures

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