In my previous role at OrthoIllinois, I provided oversight in a variety of ways. From our value-based care initiatives to the work of our physician assistants to our new surgery center projects, overseeing these areas prepared me to be the catalyst to move our organization forward and help our teams truly impact and improve healthcare in our region.

We recognize that a high-quality subspecialty can make a significant difference in a person’s quality of life. We also understand that healthcare debt is real and is a burden for individuals. Our goal is to address these issues with a focus on the combined approach of providing excellent, affordable service for impactful healthcare outcomes. Our goal is to get our patients back to enjoying life.

By offering our services through our own independent practices and expanding our services into the hometowns of the patients who turn to us for help– from the full range of bone and joint care to surgery to rehabilitation – we are able to substantially impact individuals’ health and we’ve found it a much better way to deliver quality care.

Our dynamic group of physicians continue to lead the industry in advanced approaches and procedures. We serve our patients today with a ready eye on the future. Because we are at the forefront of innovative orthopedic trends, we are able to provide the communities we serve with the best quality healthcare capabilities.

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