Andre currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute LLC, a multispecialty Orthopedic practice in the greater Chicago area.

The practice consists of approximately 165 Physicians with specialties in Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Pain Management, Physiatry, Podiatry and Geriatrics. IBJI also employs ~ 275 Physical and Occupational Therapists and 125 midlevel Providers with a total employee count of ~ 2,250. He reports directly to the Board of Managers of IBJI and supervises both strategic and operational aspects of the organization. IBJI has ~$300m in Clinical Revenues/year, with an additional ~$200m in Ancillary and ASC Income.

He serves on the Value Based Committee for the OrthoForum group and also oversees IBJI’s “OrthoSync” program, a convener organization that serves clients in CMS’s BPCI-A Model as well as CJR models on behalf of primarily Orthopedic Practices.

Previous to his CEO role, Andre served as Director of Ancillary and Value Based Medicine Service lines for IBJI. Along with these responsibilities, he was the CEO and Managing Member of Elevate LLC, a healthcare consulting and services company formed in 2010, specializing in Ancillary and Value service line initiation and expansion with specific alignment to Bundled Payment and Risk models and strategies.

Between 2005 and 2010 he was the Director of IBJI’s Rehabilitation Services network, the 3rd largest outpatient Physical Therapy provider in the Chicagoland area.

Professional Philosophy

Andre’s professional passion focuses on modern day healthcare redesign strategies. He believes strongly in an “agile” management style so leaders can develop and function to their fullest capacity, and teams can adapt to rapid market fluctuations in a similar fashion.

He is an advocate for transformational and transparent activities beyond the current state of healthcare, along with a renewed mindset towards truly integrated practice patterns, all designed in a Patient centric manner.

From an actuarial perspective, Andre believes that the future models for effective healthcare delivery platforms are yet to be developed. As such, one has the ability to be truly creative and innovative, as long as you operate from a sound foundational platform. Data and Informatics are key determinants of success when effectively integrated with applied and timely execution of qualitative management decisions.

Growth creates strain – it is a normal component of healthy environments. The ability to navigate opportunities and simultaneously achieve consistent and optimal outcomes should always define organizational success.



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