SCALE End of Year Report

Valuable Lessons Learned From Healthcare Leaders During 2023

Our Award-Winning CEO Leadership Series

As we conclude the year 2023, our award-winning CEO Leadership Series has provided profound insight into the dynamic landscape of healthcare leadership. This report synthesizes key takeaways from discussions with prominent healthcare leaders, highlighting invaluable lessons learned throughout the series.

The CEO Leadership Series of 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in healthcare leadership. The lessons learned underscore the importance of resilience, innovation, human-centric leadership, collaboration, data-driven decision-making, continuous learning, and advocacy for public health. These insights serve as a roadmap for aspiring and current healthcare leaders, shaping a future where leadership excellence is synonymous with positive healthcare transformation.

Key Themes
The Emerging Healthcare Market of Tomorrow: Key Macro Trends
Integrated Mobile, Digital & Virtual Care

A confluence of market dynamics are driving an expansion of traditional healthcare site-of-service scope to increasingly include integrated virtual and mobile care offerings. 

  • Reimbursement: The change in reimbursement from CMS around the hospital for home care is having an enormous impact on our industry. It is estimated that $285 billion worth of Medicare spending is going to be shifted to home-eligible services by 2025.
  • Employer Healthcare Spend: Employers are confronting material increases in healthcare spending. As a result, deflationary service delivery models are being explored by employers. 
  • Care Efficiency & Reach:
    • CMS has been relatively disappointed in what traditional care models have been able to accomplish with harder to reach patients in terms of increasing utilization, improving healthcare access and outcomes, and lowering costs. 
    • In an integrated virtual and mobile care model pilot, 80% of the “unreachables” in a particular patient pool were able to have necessary patient visits. That type of result driven by integrated virtual and mobile care models is appealing to CMS and other payers. 
  • Innovation: New technologies and innovative care models have become available, expanding the realm of the possible. Technological innovation enabling home dialysis, for example, has been transformative for patients with renal failure. 
  • COVID: We saw 15-20 years’ worth of change in the adoption of telemedicine – there were newly formed opportunities in patient access.
Where is the primary care market going?

Within primary care, expect to see the emergence of “advanced primary care,” with an expanded scope of care and more integrated clinical services. For example, brick-and-mortar primary care integrated with virtual behavioral health, wellness, weight loss, preventative, antiaging and sexual health services. 

Services with a stigma were the earliest to gain traction in virtual care. With technology improvements and virtual and mobile care market maturation, expect to see these care delivery channels proliferate to more use cases.

Innovators focusing on just one care or condition type – for example, sexual health – present some risk of cutting into patient bases of traditional primary care practices. That being said, if traditional brick-and-mortar practices are able to integrate a suite of virtual and mobile care offerings into their service portfolio, the integrated model that combines sexual health with holistic primary care will present distinct competitive
advantages over pure-play alternatives that focus on just sexual health.

80% of the “unreachables” in a particular patient pool were able to have necessary patient visits in an integrated virtual care model pilot.

Where is the specialty market going?

Virtual and mobile care is not limited to primary care – rather, its application has the potential to be universal across specialty care. Every specialty should assess its virtual and mobile care business plan.

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