Health Expenditures

Health Expenditures 2010-2021, On Nursing Care by Out of Pocket - Annual %
Between 2019 and 2021 individuals have reduced their out of pocket annual spend on nursing homes by $1.6B (3.5%)
Health Expenditures 2010-2021, On Retail Prescription Drugs by All Sources - Annual %
US prescription drug expenditures averaged a 3.4% annual increase over 10yrs
Health Expenditures 2010-2021, On All Types by Out of Pocket - Annual %
US out of pocket expenses represented 11% of total spent in 2021
Health Expenditures 2010-2021, On All Types by Total CMS Programs (Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare) - U.S $ Billions
The Federal Government is currently spending $1.4 Trillion per year on health expenditures
State and Local Goverment Healthcare Expenditures
Total State & local govt. spending on healthcare was down -1.9% or $11.6B in 2020
Individual Out-of-Pocket Hospital Expenditures - $ in Billions
In the last 10 years individual out-of-pocket hospital expenditures have grown at just 20% from $28B in 2011 to $34B in 2021
Health Expenditures 2000-2021, On Physicians & Clinics, Hospitals by All Sources - U.S $ Billions
Outpatient expenditures totaled $864B in 2021, versus Hospital total expenditures which totaled $1.3 trillion for the same period
Health Expenditures 2000-2021, On Home Health by Medicaid, Medicare, Private Health Insurance - U.S $ Billions
Over 70% of all home healthcare in the US is paid for by Medicaid or Medicare
Health Expenditures 2000-2021, On Dental by Out of Pocket, Private Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid - U.S $ Billions
80% of all dental care in the U.S. is covered by private health insurance and self-pay

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