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Appropriate Treatment

Explore real world clinical data and insights into disease pattern, treatment effectiveness, and broader healthcare outcomes.

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Low-risk cesarean section

A cesarean delivery is classified as low-risk when a single infant is delivered head-first at full term, to a mother who has not previously given birth. However, low-risk cesarean sections are deemed inappropriate care.

Diabetes treatment

Enhanced Adherence to Recommended Care and Self-Care Practices Among Diabetes Patients Positively Correlates with Improved Health Outcomes


While not entirely preventable, elevated rates of readmissions within 30 days post-hospitalization may indicate inadequate transitional care. The data employed for this metric are specific to the Medicare population, offering insights into the effectiveness of care transitions for this demographic.

Preventable hospital admissions

The Rate of Preventable Hospital Admissions: Assessing the Impact of Outpatient Primary Care on Avoidable Hospitalizations for Acute Illnesses and Chronic Conditions

Cardiovascular treatment

Enhancing Cardiovascular Health: Improved Outcomes Through Adherence to Recommended Care for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

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